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permanent makeup pictures

Permanent Makeup Center, Inc. offers permanent makeup procedures that can enhance your lips and accentuate your eyes with under liner to give you a smoldering stare all day…and night! We also offer permanent makeup treatments to highlight your eyebrows and emphasize your beauty marks to give you the most vibrant, natural look possible. permanent makeup pictures – […]


Permanent Makeup Long Island

Welcome to Permanent Makeup Center Inc. Our services are provided by Leslie Iannetta, a trained and certified specialist in the Art of Permanent Cosmetics (Board of Nassau County Certified and Society of Permanent Cosmetic Certified). We are located in  Salon Montáage- a dull service salon & Day Spa located at 2816 Long Beach Rd, Oceanside, […]


Permanent Makeup Artist

Permanent Makeup Artist, Leslie Iannetta, has owned and operated Permanent Makeup Center Inc. (PMCI) for twenty years. Leslie began her practice in Maui, Hawaii, and has since relocated to Long Island. Leslie has been in the beauty business specializing in makeup artistry and permanent makeup.  While working with her sister Lisa (owner and operator of Pestana’s Place Salon […]


Permanent Eyebrows

The eyebrows ‘frame’ the eyes and influence the total symmetry of the face. The composition of the eye brow, if done correctly, including color, will add youth, beauty and simplicity to your life. {more}

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permanent makeup eyeshadow

Permanent Eye Shadow Rub your eyes, swim, work out or just wake up with perfect shadow. Applying a soft brown shadow around the edge of the liner will soften the liner, or ad depth to the eyes, or a light tone of olive green, or navy blue will bring out the natural color of your […]


Permanent Makeup Lips

Have your lips lost their definition and natural coloring around the lip border? Would you like them to appear more plump? Have they thinned out over time? Does your lipstick run into the cracks? Permanent lip color can give you the optical illusion of fuller looking lips, and again, balanced. Permanent lip color can be […]

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