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Repair damaged, miss-shaped, uneven, incorrect color permanent makeup. Most permanent makeup can be repaired with little cost and no pain.


Hypo-pigmented scars (light) or Hyper-pigmented scars (dark) can be camouflaged with skin tone colors to help conceal the scars appearance. On occasion breast reconstruction or cosmetic surgery, there is scarring that can be camouflaged to natural skin tones and the natural color of the areola complex restored. This procedure is perfect for those born without […]

Permanent Lip Liner, Lip Contouring

Have your lips lost their definition and natural coloring around the lip border? Would you like them to appear more plump? Have they thinned out over time? Does your lipstick run into the cracks? Permanent lip color can give you the optical illusion of fuller looking lips, and again, balanced. Permanent lip color can be […]

Permanent Eye Shadow

Rub your eyes, swim, work out or just wake up with perfect shadow. Applying a soft brown shadow around the edge of the liner will soften the liner, or ad depth to the eyes, or a light tone of olive green, or navy blue will bring out the natural color of your eyes. Again with […]

After surviving cancer, my lashes and brows never grew in the same. My makeup is now one less thing I need to worry about and love the natural look of permanent makeup.

Cindy T – Queens

I recently had my permanent eyeliner done by Leslie. I highly recommend this procedure for anyone leading an active lifestyle. I am both a doctor and a beach volleyball player and love the fact that my eyes always look perfect!  Read full testimonial…

I’m so busy with my kids, husband and work, it’s such a timesaver having my eyeliner and brows perfect everyday.

Maria I. – Wantagh

My lips have thinned and faded over the years, Permanent Makeup Center gave me back the soft plump lips of my youth! Thank you.

Kimberly P – New Jersey

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